Owl Eye Opaque


Flavor Profile: Dark chocolate bitterness with hints of sweet smoke

Roast: European/Vienna

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Owl Eye Opaque

Owl Eye Opaque

Product description

Owl Eye Original Blends

For those who cringe at the thought of bitter dark roast that is painfully sharp to swallow all the while leaving the mouth chalky or ashy then worry no more.

It was a personal undertaking to develop a ‘darker’ roast that can please the connoisseurs as well as those who desire a familiar profile of smoke. We use the term “dark roast” lightly. 

We strived to create a darker roast for what it should be which has a dark chocolate bitterness with hints of sweet smoke. By incorporating quality beans with stronger density such as those grown at higher elevations or those with a slightly higher moisture content we were able to achieve our objective.

Our number one seller. 

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